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To the Moon: Smilyn Brand Launches Delta 8 Space Rings

To the Moon: Smilyn Brand Launches Delta 8 Space Rings

Smilyn Wellness has officially launched Delta 8 space rings ­–– adding to its diverse collections of products. These sour and fruity gummies are tasty but trust when we say, you only need one bite to go to the moon.

“We were kicking around the idea of doing another edible and really wanted to get it right,” stated Brett Weiss, CEO And Founder of Smilyn. “More consumers are using edibles than ever before, so for us it’s important to deliver delicious flavors, powerful effects, and precise dosages with each product.”

Dosed with 2500mg of hemp extract, the rings will be available online and at select shops/locations near you.

Delta 8 Space Rings

The newest ring gummies on the market are insanely potent. These incredible edibles take you on a journey to outer space in one bite (or less). Smilyn Delta 8 space rings give you the highest quality Delta 8 extract to maximize efficiency, potency, and flavor.

If you always wanted to take a trip to space, you’ve come to the right place. Brace yourself before getting on this ship to a galaxy far, far away. These gummy rings are bursting with mixed fruit flavors.

Smilyn Delta 8 mixed fruit space rings are available in a 10-count jar (250mg per ring). Space rings are made with innovative techniques and diligent quality control to ensure that each ring is properly dosed.

Staying Ahead of the Industry

The Smilyn Wellness brand continues to stay ahead of the industry with new products –– whether it be new products, new strains, or even offering the newest cannabinoids on the market.

“We didn’t want to just give our Smilyn fans another round of gummies but something different,” Weiss stated. “The space rings give our portfolio something slightly different, less sticky, with a more bitable texture.”

Beware, the space rings are out of this world.

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