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The Mocha Delta 8 Cocktail Quickly Becoming a Star of Smilyn Wellness

The Mocha Delta 8 Cocktail Quickly Becoming a Star of Smilyn Wellness

Smilyn Wellness is introducing a new addition to its popular Delta 8 cocktail collection. The Mocha Delta 8 cocktail brings a totally new flavor with a distinct vibe. The collection is bright, loud, and bold – and embodies the Smilyn spirit.

“I am overjoyed to bring massive growth to our brand, and I’m all-in on our next big moves this industry needs to see. From malt balls and candy clusters to 3ml vapes and cocktails, we are setting ourselves apart from the rest of the industry. Our goal each year is to deliver products that allow people to just enjoy life and smile. We continue to do this by focusing on innovation, modern packaging, and great quality products,” stated Brett Weiss, CEO and Founder of Smilyn Wellness.

Go ahead and splurge. Enjoy a Delta 8 thirst-quenching cocktail by Smilyn Wellness. The collection includes Fruit Punch, Lemonade and Mocha. Sold in 4 Packs.

Featured Items: The Delta 8 Cocktail Collection

The best delta 8 cocktails always begin with Smilyn. The Delta 8 Fruit Punch Cocktail is a blast of your favorite fruits together in one beverage. Fruity and refreshing — get ready for a PUNCH of fruit. This Fruit Punch Cocktail charges the mind with creative and social energy.

Smilyn has added Delta 8 to the famous fresh and light lemonade beverage. The Delta 8 Lemonade Cocktail has bright color, fresh flavor, and the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness — giving you vacation vibes and smiles all-year round.

And finally — the NEW Smilyn Delta 8 Mocha Cocktail is a chocolatey dose of sweetness that delivers a velvety, luxurious beverage. One sip and you'll be thinking, it's so gooood. Smooth, chocolatey, and D8 delicious.

Mocha Hits Shelves and Wins Fans Over

What would have been a seasonal favorite is now a permanent addition to the Smilyn Delta 8 Cocktail collection due to its overwhelming fan reviews and consumer demand.

Smilyn continues to wow its fans and grow the brand with new innovations. The Delta 8 Cocktails were created to cater to our Smilyn community’s lifestyle and interests, which are centered around a modern lifestyle.

Smilyn offers a portfolio of hemp-derived CBD and Delta 8 products that are trustworthy, tasty, and geared toward an active new-age lifestyle.

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