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Welcome the New Cannabinoid — HHC-O

Welcome the New Cannabinoid — HHC-O

While just a decade ago, we considered CBD (cannabidiol) to be the only valuable part of the hemp plant, we now know that there are a number of cannabinoids that are all capable of satisfying us with their one-of-a-kind effects, including HHC-O.

One of the most exciting new cannabinoids of the moment is HHC-O (HHC-O-acetate). A derivative of HHC (hexahydrocannabinol), HHC-O products such as HHC-O vapes promise a stronger high than their predecessor, and many say it really does feel exactly like Delta-9 THC, which is a huge part of its massive appeal and growing demand.

What is HHC-O?

HHC-O-acetate is a very new cannabinoid to hit the hemp market, and because of this, it’s very possible that you’ve never even heard of it before.  HHC-O is the acetate version of HHC, a naturally occurring cannabinoid that acts as the hydrogenated form of THC, being chemically stable thanks to its hydrogen enhancement, well-known for its similarities to Delta-9 THC.

HHC-O takes naturally occurring HHC and applies acetic anhydride to the compound in the same way that we create THC-O. What this does is boost the cannabinoid’s potency by about 1.5x.

The reason for this enhanced potency is simple. It makes the cannabinoid even more like Delta-9 THC, since hexahydrocannabinol is somewhat milder. This essentially enhances the high to really give users what it is that they’re looking for.

Effects of HHC-O?

HHC-O is a cannabinoid that still needs research to know what effects it causes in the organism.

Even so, it has proven to be psychoactive. In this matter, it is easy to seek a comparison with Delta 9 THC to understand how it feels to consume it.

We could say that HHC-O is a bit more potent than Delta 9 THC. At first, your muscles relax, and your mind is at ease. Then, it can cause an intense physical and mental experience. You might feel more talkative and blissful. When the effects reach their peak, your body gets sedated, and your mind seems to open to new senses and ideas. Still, you can lose focus and get more into your world. You may want to lie on your couch or bed when using HHC-O.

Benefits Of HHC-O Acetate

There are no long-term, definitive studies on the effects of HHC-O.

You may feel:

  • Buzz
  • Mental and Physical Experience
  • Intense Experience
  • Great Relaxation
  • Relief
  • Happy Feelings