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Last-Minute Knockout Ideas for a Lit Valentine’s Day

Last-Minute Knockout Ideas for a Lit Valentine’s Day

According to data, nearly 150 million Americans plan on embracing cannabis or cannabinoids with their special someone this Valentine’s Day. In fact, more than 35 million people nationwide think cannabis helps with sparking romance, according to Wired Research. And over 32 million say lighting up gives them a boost in the bedroom.

If you need some last-minute ideas to sweeten up your valentine’s day, Smilyn Wellness has got you covered. Whether you’re looking to cuddle up with a loved one or kick back to watch your favorite game, we’ve got three solid ideas to make this a special day.

And while it’s the most romantic day of the year, there’s something for everyone to get lit this V-day.

HM Arousal Tincture

Going out to dinner is overrated. Consider making your date a little more personal and have the perfect date-night at home. Wind down and get down and dirty! Enhancing the experience with a mushroom-infused arousal tincture. Accelerate things in all the right places. Featuring a stimulating blend of adaptogens, this arousal tincture will set your sex-drive on fire. Make your move.

Delta 8 or HHC Chillum

Netflix and Chillum! Gather your best friends, take on a movie marathon and light up the night with a one-hitta-like chillum. After all, what’s better than a friendly puff, puff, pass on cupid’s favorite day of the year? If you don’t have a favorite one-hitter, you do now. The Smilyn x Monarchy collection features a clear glass chillum, perfect for your V-day smoke sesh.

Knockout Gummies

Forget the roses, let’s step in the ring. Not everyone likes to go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have plans, it’s time for a knockout kind of night. Forget wake n’ bake –– it’s fight night. One round will take you out. Each Smilyn Knockout Blend gummy contains 125mg of a proprietary blend of Delta 9, THC-H, THC-JD, THC-P, and LIVE Resin Delta 8. Heavy Hitter! Knockout!

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