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Get a Better Nights Sleep with CBD Tinctures

Get a Better Nights Sleep with CBD Tinctures

Are CBD tinctures the ultimate cure for insurmountable insomnia, or is much of what you have heard simply a dream? 

More than 50 million Americans suffer from over 75 different sleep disorders and another 20 to 30 million suffer from intermittent sleep problems each year. It can be said, a good night’s sleep is often related to being free of stress and anxiety.

So, what’s the key to luxuriously dazed and dozy night’s sleep?

Tinctures are one of the most fast-acting and discreet methods of consuming CBD. Smilyn CBD Tinctures, unlike CBD oil, are made by dissolving cannabis in high percentage alcohol. Tinctures are convenient — and allow for exact dosing. And typically, tinctures make for a better taste because they are flavored. Flavors like grape, blueberry, mint, lemon, orange, and cinnamon.

Many companies are hyping tinctures as a way of getting the uninterrupted sleep you’ve been dreaming of. But is this accurate? Can CBD promote a good night’s sleep?

How CBD Tinctures Affects Sleep?

If you’ve done any research on CBD concerning sleep, you won’t be astonished to learn that it does not work as a typical sleep remedy does. Some studies have shown it to be moderately alerting, and potentially activate some of the same receptors that caffeine does. So, how can it possibly work to promote a good night’s sleep?

Our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids — molecules that make us feel dreamy and have a calming effect on our nervous system. CBD is a plant source of phytocannabinoids that are so similar to our endocannabinoids that our bodies respond in much the same way.

These cannabinoids, whether our bodies or CBD produce them, seem to play a role in governing our sleep. How? Well, CBD influences genes that regulate our circadian rhythms — ultimately influencing a sleep-inducing mode.

Sleepless Nights and Anxiety Connection

It’s estimated by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) that anxiety disorders are a routine cause of any number of sleep abnormalities and diseases, including those that may lead to insomnia.

Research published in Permanente Journal in 2019 tested a daily dose of CBD in over 70 patients. All were suffering from anxiety and insomnia. After one month, nearly 80% of patients felt significant improvement in distress, and 66% enjoyed sounder sleep. The researchers found that the CBD was better tolerated than psychiatric drugs, and there was no evidence of any safety issues. 

In terms of functioning as a specific sleep-promoting agent, CBD is believed to work by co-operating with a network of receptors, proteins, and other chemicals in the brain that regulates many things, including anxiety and the sleep cycles that are essential to obtaining a quality night’s sleep.

While much more evidence and clinical trials are needed to better understand the precise mechanisms of CBD on various stages of the sleep cycle, it is certainly no stretch of the imagination to hypothesize that CBD may positively influence chronic sleep patterns.

CBD’s popularity is skyrocketing — and there’s no mistake about it — individuals are finding it helps them with sleep. If your mind is racing or you can’t seem to turn off the events of the day, Smilyn CBD products are here to help dismiss your stress and anxiety for good. You can find Smilyn products in oils, tinctures, roll-ons, and more. With Smilyn, it’s lights out!

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