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Demand Surges for Lemon CBD Oil Tincture

Demand Surges for Lemon CBD Oil Tincture

Someplace, they are turning lemons into lemonade. Our CBD-lemonologists created Lemon CBD Oil Tincture to offer health — without the high — in pure, lemon-peel tartness. Straight from the hemp lemonade lab, it’s as fabulously refreshing as freshly squeezed lemonade.

“We quickly realized there was a major gap in the market for a trustworthy CBD brand that tastes terrific and gives you therapeutic benefits without unwanted side effects,” stated Brett Weiss, Co-Founder and CEO of Smilyn Wellness. “At Smilyn, we believe mental and physical well-being should be the priority, and so we set out to create a CBD line that provides real functional health and wellness benefits for things like stress and anxiety, insomnia, and pain.”

The entire line of CBD products by Smilyn Wellness is analyzed by a third-party lab to provide the transparency that allows customers to feel confident in the quality, authenticity, and reliability of our products.

Demand on the Rise for Lemon CBD Oil

The global CBD market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 20 percent from 2019 to 2025 — ultimately reaching close to 24 billion by 2025.

CBD oil is used for its health benefits, such as suppressing anxiety, relieving pain, fighting inflammation, combating nausea and insomnia, preventing muscle spasms, combating acne, alleviating hypertension, treating epilepsy, endorses calmness and relaxation, helps reduce the symptoms of stress, and much more.

Specifically, demand has surged for the lemon CBD oil tincture. The lemon flavor boasts a zesty flavor like a bold, ripe lemon. The fresh, crisp taste offers mouthwatering citrus flavor. Even with behind-the-lemon hints of coconut and walnut oils, it’s a potent lemon flavor of its own.

The lemon CBD oil tincture is affordable, convenient to transport, and provides an exceptionally tasting CBD-infused product that fits an active lifestyle.

How to Purchase Smilyn Wellness CBD Tinctures

Whether you consume CBD oil when you wake up or before the night is over, while you’re working, or as an alternative to medication, Smilyn products are designed to give you health benefits that don’t fall short on flavor.

Smilyn tinctures are made of premium hemp extract. The Zero THC, flavor-filled tincture formulations, include the perfect potions of lemon, blueberry, mint, grape, orange, and cinnamon.

Smilyn Wellness is a lifestyle brand. A lifestyle that promotes longevity for every person (and every pet). Shop the entire line of CBD oil tinctures and find your favorite flavor.

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