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CBD Muscle Rub Helping Athletes Recover

Did you know CBD is helping more athletes in the recovery process? If you are an athlete — training, recovery, and competition demand a top spot on your list of priorities.

The Smilyn Wellness brand gives athletes a greater level of availability to CBD recovery products, enhancing player performance and elevating their game.

Athletes are inclined to risk injury and cope with pain more to reach their performance goals. Athletes often need to manage pain and recover in ways that are not the healthiest but can get them back to training faster or back in the game facing competition.

Recovery means allowing your body to recover each week even through healing techniques — enabling the body to get stronger. The key for any athlete is taking time to recover.

CBD Muscle Rub for Athlete Recovery

Combatting potential related effects such as post-workout fatigue, inflammation, and muscle damage are crucial to an athlete’s success.

Inflammation is a big concern for athletes following a workout, competition, or strenuous activity. Damaged tissue can trigger inflammation, which also has a relationship to oxidative stress. Muscle fibers are torn — and nutrients are diminished.

CBD is seemingly everywhere these days, including roll-ons and recovery muscle rubs for athletes. CBD helps reduce muscle aches and inflammation, and not only can it change your preparation and recovery — it can change your in-game performance dramatically.

CBD for Athletes by Smilyn Wellness

There is nothing better than an easy-to-use, travel-lite, no mess, THC Free CBD Muscle Rub Stick. The Smilyn twist-up stick contains 150 mg of CBD isolate, turmeric oil, organic menthol crystals, and a blend of essential oils.

The CBD muscle rub stick has a host of natural ingredients to help support healthy inflammation, muscle recovery and sleep health. The lab-tested formulated blend also speeds up the therapeutic process and builds up a healthy inflammatory response. Turmeric rhizome is a strong antioxidant compound that you find in quality topical pain relievers.

The superior, anti-inflammatory muscle recovery rub is energizing — and helps soothe and relax muscles. The muscle rub stick can reduce pain, muscle stiffness, and soothe inflammatory pains.

Much like ice baths and compression socks, the Smilyn CBD muscle rub stick plays a significant role in recovery. Recovery is needed to replenish nutrients lost, restore fuel, and so much more. CBD is the key— it can optimize player performance, improve mobility, and speed up recovery.

Get back in the game faster with Smilyn Wellness.

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