What’s the Scoop on Live Resin? Find Out Now

Game-changer. Powerful. Fan-favorite. Live resin is on the rise. Brands are infusing edibles, vapes, and beverages with the flash-frozen concentrate. Live resin lets you experience the hemp plant like never before.

Live Resin offers fresher, more vivid terpene and flavonoid profiles that make a powerful difference in the creation of Smilyn Wellness products. Live resin is a type of extract made from fresh, flash-frozen hemp rather than dry-cured. By flash-freezing freshly cultivated hemp flower, you preserve its trichomes, so that higher concentrations of ultra-fresh terpenes and flavonoids can make their way into the end-product.

Once the terpenes are carefully stored and cured, the process is far from over. The lab then extracts the remaining cannabinoids using CO2. This process of further refinement leaves us with our pure, high-potency, 100 percent distillate.

Now the lab can re-introduce the collection of live resin and its complete terpene profile back into the distillate. This artful blend of nature and science makes for an unmatchable favor and potency.

Live resin vs. Live Rosin

Live resin is created by putting frozen cannabis plants through a solvent extraction, which uses a chemical such as butane or propane. Live rosin is solventless — it uses heat and pressure to remove trichomes from the plant, usually through a press.

Both extracts are “live” because they both use frozen cannabis plants as source material. Simple resins and rosins exist, which use dried plants, not frozen ones, and which also use solvent and solventless extraction processes, respectively.

Live Resin THC-O Vape Disposables

The Smilyn collection of Live Resin THC-O Vape disposables holds a revolutionary blend of THC-O, Delta 8 Distillate, and rich Live Resin from fresh frozen hydrocarbon extracted flower.

  • Disposable: Preheating Function and Visible Oil Window
  • Servings per Vape Pen: Varies depending on the size of puffs
  • Weight: 19g
  • Battery: Rechargeable 280mAh Battery
  • Voltage Adjustable: Red 3.6V, Blue 3.2V, Green 2.8V

Hybrid: Bacio is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain perfect for any lover of full-bodied and stimulating highs, Bacio offers bold, delicious flavors and hard-hitting effects.

Sativa: Dazzle your taste buds with the fresh funk of honeydew. Dripping in Myrcene and fruity flavored terpenes — Sativa Honeydew Funk delivers a blast of sweet flavor and strong sedating effects.

Indica: Kush Mint is an Indica dominant strain that is popular for its enticing aroma. Indica Kush Mint has a brilliant calming effect and a subtle body buzz.

Live Resin provides a superior Hemp cannabinoid experience that you will love.


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