This Delta 8 Brand Does Not Use Bleached Distillate

Lab test tubes for testing safe distillate in D8 products

If you haven’t heard, thousands of Delta 8 (D8) products on the market were contaminated with bleach. Smilyn Wellness is on a mission to educate consumers on what to look for in safe, non-bleached Delta 8 products — and to reiterate the brand does not use bleached distillate.

If you are not sure what is in the D8 products you are buying, you could be supporting brands who are trying to gain a dollar with lower-quality products — or bleached Delta 8 distillate. These impurities can lead to harsh hits, weak flavor, and may impact a consumer’s health.

Here at Smilyn Wellness, health and wellness is at the forefront of every product we distribute — more so everything we do. D8 Products include Delta 8 Vape PensDelta 8 Gel Caps, and Delta 8 Gummies.

CEO and Co-founder Brett Weiss states, “Our distillate Delta 8 line is reshaping the way users experience hemp-derived products. When we launched D8 for the first time, it was important to our team to inform consumers on the product and what sets our D8 apart from the rest of the industry.”

Why Brands are Selling Bleached Distillate?

Distillate is naturally a rose color and requires bleaching agents to make it clear. Manufacturers are using bleach to remove the natural color from the distillate to reach an already huge consumer base that favors clear distillate products.

But consumers should be informed that bleached products are unpredictable and unstable. Inhaling bleach is harmful to your lungs — and ultimately your respiratory tract.

Rose colored Delta 8 distillate is the safest form of any D8 product on the market. If your D8 is clear (but in fact, is not), you are consuming bleached products.

Shop Smilyn D8 to Avoid Bleached Delta 8 Products

Delta 8 carts, gummies, and gel caps are immensely popular products with incredible effects. Shop Smilyn Wellness Delta 8 products to avoid bleached products. Every D8 product sold by Smilyn uses rose delta 8 distillate. Check out our guide on what to look for in safe D8 products.

“We only with work with manufacturers and labs who provide seed to sale certification throughout the entire supply process. To know that brands are using bleaching agents to appeal to consumers desires just is not right. We are committed to using clean, natural rose-colored distillate in our Delta 8 products,” further stated Brett Weiss.



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