The Swelling Business of CBD Salve for Inflammation

Athlete needs cbd salve for sports injury

Pain relief for inflammation has created a swelling demand for CBD salve.

Just like CBD, inflammation is trending in the media. The good news is this trend keeps us informed. When we stay educated on inflammation, it’s easy to choose the best options for beneficial recuperation.

Beyond the power to fight infection and heal injuries, inflammation infiltrates a dark side to be reckoned with — called destruction. Pain, redness, swelling, and heat that result from this destruction are hallmarks of the inflammatory process.

That’s why California’s prominent CBD brand, Smilyn Wellness, developed CBD for pain relief and inflammation.

What is CBD Salve?

CBD salve is a ‘thank us later’ (with a review) plant-infused topical to stimulate healing or protection of the skin. Research indicates it has anti-inflammatory effects.

THC free Smilyn CBD salve is comprised of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, beeswax, and aromatic essential oils. It’s brilliant for encouraging proper joint and muscle function — while also maintaining healthy skin.

CBD salve does not contain any water, something that makes it a much thicker consistency than regular lotions or creams.

How does it work? Apply the topical to the targeted region, massage it into the skin, and let it work its magic.

Abracadabra — you feel the effects almost instantly.

How Does CBD Salve Help Reduce Pain?

There are numerous ways CBD salve can help to alleviate pain. One of the major concepts — how cannabinoid interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

According to one study, for example, CBD lessens inflammation by modulating the endocannabinoid system and disrupting the production of cytokines, which are proteins produced by immune cells that spark inflammation.

Several Smilyn consumers, from athletes to grandparents, have found hemp-derived CBD cream brings mind-blowing relief to joint pain and swelling, inflammation, muscle strain, eczema, sore feet, nerve damage, and back pain.

So, what’s the secret behind the phenomenal relief it’s delivering? Not so fast. If you want us to share the goods, first you must re-share this article. After that, you must tag us in a picture with your Smilyn products.

Can you keep our top-secret? CBD topicals to work — apply generously, as in thick enough to break the dermal barrier (even though it will never reach the bloodstream).

If you apply it liberal enough in your application, the pores on your skin will absorb CBD to provide massive targeted healing. The secrets out.



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