The Best CBD Muscle Rub for Athletes

Athletes back in the game after using CBD muscle rub

Tension-busting muscle reliever infused with CBD. Sounds stimulating, right?

If you are an athlete, you know the feeling of pushing yourself to the ultimate level of success. It’s just natural for the best of the best competitors to unintentionally inflict destruction on the body.

Muscles make up nearly 40 percent of total weight. Muscles allow athletes to juke and jive, catch a jaw-dropping pass in the endzone, lift weights during extensive training, bottom turn in the ocean, and euro-step on the court — just to name a few.

But they can also cause pain, cramping, discomfort — and downtime. Because of this very reason, Smilyn Wellness understands the importance of helping athletes overcome the stiffness and soreness, the strain, and pain — and ultimately give the body a dose of TLC.

What is CBD Muscle Rub?

CBD Muscle Rub is highly sought-after by athletes worldwide. Muscle rub provides temporary and effective relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, strains, bruises, stiffness, and sprains.

With the addition of CBD (cannabidiol), muscle rub reduces inflammation and helps muscles relax, a benefit after you’ve been exercising or suffering from an acute injury.

Just imagine a massage to the muscles with upward movements and circular motions penetrating the CBD into the skin. Apply the CBD muscle stick to the surface, and the compound is absorbed into the muscle fibers and helps reduce swelling, eliminates pain, stimulates circulation, and alleviates stubborn muscular aches.

It is the perfect antidote to an intense workout, competitive sports, or anyone else looking to leave muscles soothed and relaxed. And the best part? Not only does it fit right in your gym bag, boosting CBD muscle rubs can be applied pre or post-workout.

CBD Puts You Back in the Game

Choosing an excellent muscle rub can be a challenge. Is it messy? Does it stain? How does it smell? Does it work? More importantly — you want something that works quickly and lasts for hours.

We’ve got you covered. We are introducing the easy-to-use, travel-lite, no mess, THC Free CBD Muscle Rub Stick. The Smilyn muscle rub contains 150 mg of CBD isolate, turmeric oil, organic menthol crystals, and a blend of essential oils. The anti-inflammatory muscle recovery rub is energizing — and helps soothe and relax muscles.

Maybe you are an athlete feeling tired and beat up, exhausted by your daily routines and competitive nature to be the best. Perhaps you are feeling out of the game or an injury has put you on the sideline.

Get back in the game with Smilyn Wellness. Our CBD brand exists to encourage greatness in you. Think of a moment when you felt on top of your game. You felt empowered. Motivated. Ready to go. Visualize that in detail. Now merge that vision with Smilyn CBD. Steamroll the competition.

Game on!



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