Surf’s Up: CBD Producing Giant Waves for Surfers

Surfer after riding waves going to get CBD to recover

What do CBD, front-side pit, pig dogging a barrel, and duck dive all have in common? Highly imaginative, we know. These are all terms California’s coolest west coast surfers use.

With Southern California surfers dominating the waves 2-6 times a week, CBD helps surfers repair and recover.

Above all, the potential health benefits are like good vibes on the tides.

If CBD Had a Surfing Lagoon

“The joy of surfing is so many things combined, from the physical exertion of it to the challenge of it, to the mental side of the sport,” stated Kelly Slater, American professional surfer and innovator best known for his unprecedented 11 world surfing championships.

If CBD had a surfing lagoon, you found it. Experts at California’sCalifornia’s top CBD brand, Smilyn Wellness, created a line of CBD products that incorporates three core values of riding the waves — the physicality of the sport, challenges, and psychological demand.

Wearing Outerknown, with toes in the sand and waves as a backdrop, Smilyn team members have formed California’s latest hot spot. It’s true! We understand more than anyone — there’s no better place to start your day than a positive, healthy morning session doing what you were born to do.

How Do Surfers Benefit from CBD?

CBD is available in consumer products that could have significant health benefits to surfers. From relaxation and muscle recovery to chronic pain therapy, it’s a diverse market.

Are you a fear-filled beginner slamming into the sand by every other wave? Or a professional surfer ducking under the foam, ripping muscles, exhausted from the unpredictability of the ocean?

Surfers put immense and grueling pressure on their bodies and minds. What’s the natural, healthy solution? Make that bottom turn to CBD — steer away from dangerous pain meds, and get back to the waves.

Undeniably, a few daily drops of the non-psychoactive CBD Tinctures or our CBD roll-ons reduce pain, curb anxiety, improve sleep — ultimately affording you more time in the water.

“When the waves are good and you’re surfing a ton and get sore,” indicated Pro Surfer Koa Rothman in an interview with Surfer Magazine. “It makes you feel way better and you’re still totally clear-headed and normal. I totally back it.”

Notably grinning, Smilyn users state healthy muscle recovery, physical recovery, and mental well-being without all the adverse side effects. Ready to hit the waves? Shop now, so you’ll have the bravery to take on the waves tomorrow.



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