Smilyn Wellness: What’s Our Story?

What do you get when you combine the creative Smilyn Wellness team and innovative CBD products? An enterprise made in heaven — resulting in one-of-a-kind smiles.

Finding the best CBD brand for you isn’t an easy task. Many CBD brands are popping up as the hemp industry rises in popularity. Many of these CBD companies cut corners, and as a result — their products can contain harmful ingredients and ineffective hemp extracts.

Enter the Carlsbad, California headquarters of Smilyn Wellness, and one thing is immediately apparent. You’ve entered a modern, colorful space symbolizing pure, premium hemp extract. The brand is more than just a modern logo and a rainbow spectrum of hemp-derived products.

“A Weiss man once told me, the secret to longevity is Smilyn,” recently revealed by Smilyn Wellness CEO, Brett Weiss. “Here at Smilyn, we offer a next-level wellness portfolio of products that are trustworthy, fun, tasty, and geared toward an active lifestyle.”

CBD is More than Dosing — It’s a Lifestyle

When it comes to health and wellness, we’ve found that many individuals carry the same motivation —live a long and fulfilling life as possible. And while science has yet to find the real fountain of youth, the Smilyn Wellness team is on to something BIG — smiling can increase longevity.

Smilyn Wellness is making serious moves within the CBD industry. The brand is passionate about developing a line of products aimed more at the role of therapeutic education than sheer leisure. Consumers can shop CBD tinctures, gummies, softgels, roll-ons, face masks, salve, sprays, and CBD for pet health.

“When we created our CBD brand, it was important that our name reflects our purpose,” stated Brett Weiss, Smilyn CEO. “Our brand helps consumers live an active, enriched lifestyle, provides industry-leading guidance, indulging products, and gives back to our local communities. And with all of this — it creates one thing — smiles. We’ve accomplished far more beaming smiles than anyone could have imagined at Smilyn.”

Smilyn Wellness Giving Back to San Diego Communities

Smilyn Wellness has a long history of giving back to the local community and supporting organizations. “Wellness is at the heart of every community conversation,” stated COO Heather Iantorno. “The COVID-19 crisis has affected all communities throughout the country and abroad. Our goal is to continue to give back. Not only during the pandemic but continued throughout our brand lifetime.”

As an aspiring brand, Smilyn Wellness understands a greater calling than only making a profit for selling its hemp-derived products.

The brand combines the power of science and new-age lifestyles to deliver wellness and health. The team believes in the untapped potential of CBD to heal the mind and body. Learn more about Smilyn Wellness Story.

IF you are not smiling — then you are not SMILYN.



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