Smilyn Launches New Delta 8 Product Line

Group on smiling friends take Delta 8 to cool the body and calm the mind

Cool your mind. Calm your body. Soothe your senses. Smilyn Wellness makes a splash with the launch of its new Delta 8 line of products. To go along with the new line, Smilyn is offering BOGO (Buy One Delta 8 Item Get Identical Item FREE) using Code DELTA8 through October 31, 2020.

CEO and Co-founder Brett Weiss states, “Complementing our legendary CBD products, the new Delta 8 line will reshape the way users experience hemp-derived products. We have put our brand’s unique imprint on the hemp-derived delta-8 line and we are excited to launch it to the public.”

Smilyn Delta 8 Products

Delta 8 is one of the 100+ cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Delta-8 connects to CB1 and CB2 receptors, and this relationship gives you a more full-body effect. Feel more relaxed, clear-headed, and energized. Delta 8 helps to reduce anxiety and sleeplessness. It supports pain relief and protects brain cells.

By combining delta 8 and terpenes, our newest vape product limits psychotropic activity, creating a cool and calming experience — a total sense of well-being.

Smilyn Delta 8 Vape Cartridges

Smilyn Delta 8 vape cartridges allow consumers to enjoy endless vape sessions with their favorite strains and flavors. Feel more in-tune with life. Feel your senses come alive. Feel upbeat vibes. 510-thread cartridge. Inhale. Exhale. Smile! Shop Delta 8 Vape Cartridges

Smilyn Delta 8 Gummies

The tastiest and most effective gummies on the market. No anxiety or paranoia. Instant relaxation, better sleep, and enhanced focus. Gummies deliver a sweet delta 8 vibe. Shop Delta 8 gummies

Smilyn Delta 8 Gel Caps

Smilyn Delta 8 gels caps provide a wave of relaxation to brighten your day. Need creative motivation or want a whole-body relaxed feeling? Shop Delta 8 gel caps

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the fragrant components of essential oils. Each strain manifests terpenes in specific combinations and concentrations. The terpene profile of a particular strain determines its aroma and flavor, including flavors like berry, mint, and pine.

Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD have always been recognized as the primary active ingredients in cannabis, but scientific advancements signal terpenes as a key player.

It turns out a synergistic connection exists between cannabinoids and terpenes in terms of their interaction with receptors regarding the brain and body. Some terpenes promote relaxation and others support focus and acuity.

Now that you are up to speed on delta 8 — get ready, get set. Go! Shop BOGO Delta 8 now.