Should Pregnant and Nursing Women Avoid CBD Products

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Hemp Seeds for Pregnant and Nursing Women

Hemp Seeds for Pregnant and Nursing WomenMaybe you’re preparing for your baby’s arrival, or perhaps your charming little one is already here; meanwhile, you are continuously noticing the trends of CBD.

Perchance you’re even searching the internet for CBD, only to find conflicting and confusing advice — when it comes to pregnant and nursing women.

Until you discovered California brand Smilyn Wellness, we are sure it certainly feels like intimidating territory.

CBD for Expecting and Nursing Mothers

While there’s inadequate research on the effectiveness of hemp-derived CBD products during pregnancy and nursing, various experts say to avoid it.

As part of the US Food and Drug Administration’s ongoing and aggressive commitment to Americans, they released a statement strongly warning against CBD and THC during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Further, the American Academy of Pediatrics released similar guidelines on cannabis use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

With these studies suggesting CBD may not be safe for pregnant and lactating women, what’s the alternative? Fear not, we have your back. What about hemp seeds?

No Concern for Hearty Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds, used in food, don’t present a risk to pregnant or breastfeeding women. The FDA recently completed an evaluation of various hemp seed ingredients and had no concerns.

While hemp seeds can pick up microscopic amounts of CBD from contact with other plant parts, the numbers are minimal enough not to create fear or apprehension for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

So, what are these hearty hemp seeds? Hemp seeds or nuts to be quite candid are the seeds of the hemp plant — or Cannabis Sativa

Benefits of Hemp Seeds for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

Contrary to CBD oil, which addresses anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia — nourishing hemp seeds don’t contain cannabinoids.

Research shows that the perks of hemp seeds combine the alleviation of constipation with the support for cardiovascular health.

Hemp Seeds are a pure and natural blend of easy to digest proteins, antioxidants, fiber, phospholipids, phytosterols, vitamin D and E, chlorophyll, calcium, potassium, and enzymes — to name a few.

Powerful hemp seeds add significant value to pregnant and nursing women in a variety of ways, including vigorous protein, fatty acids vital for fetal visual and brain development. Fatty acids are also tremendous for preterm birth and postpartum depression, to help fight inflammation and protect the immune system and the heart.

Additionally, the calcium in nutrition-filled hemp seeds is remarkable for the baby’s bone mineralization and it supports healthy bone development — while the potassium prevents unwanted leg cramps. The magnesium helps you absorb calcium and keeps the blood sugar level under control.

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