We typically ship all items within 1-2 business days of purchase, receipt, and acceptance of an order. If there is a delay inhibiting the shipment of items purchased, we will make an attempt to conspicuously post that fact on our website, www.smilynwellness.com. We ship through U.S. Postal Service, and packages can be tracked through their website.

We fill domestic orders via U.S. Postal Service priority mail, which generally results in delivery within 3-5 days. Smilyn Wellness requires a signature at delivery for all orders with a value of $500 or more. Requests for use of a courier service or overnight shipping cannot be processed on this website; however, we generally can accommodate these requests if you place your order by phone <a href=”tel:760-239-0285″>760-239-0285</a>.

<strong>Please Note: We DO NOT ship to South Dakota.</strong>

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, TIME IS NOT OF THE ESSENCE, and any delivery date requested or provided is an estimate only. Smilyn Wellness is not responsible for delays or for non-performance resulting from causes beyond its reasonable control, including acts of any government or acts of God.

All international sales are subject to all applicable U.S. and foreign export controls, and by placing an order through this website, you affirm that you will comply with all applicable export controls and regulations. You will be the importer or exporter of record and are responsible for all required licenses, permits, and authorizations. Customs and import duties, which vary from country to country, may apply to international sales and are the responsibility of the recipient of your order.