Delta 8 Diamonds


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Delta 8 Diamonds are the perfect blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. Great for any dab rig, wax piece or nectar collector.  Start Smilyn with the 1:1 Delta 8/CBD Ratio.


Maui Wowie
Cherry Sour Diesel
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Smilyn Delta 8 Diamonds deliver a powerful head and body feel that will give a great euphoric and relaxing feeling.


  • Size: 1G
  • Container: Twist-cap glass container
  • Ingredients: Oleo Resin and Terps
  • Extraction Material: Hemp
  • Delta 9 THC Content: None detected
  • Accessory (not included): Great for dab rigs and similar devices



Weight 1.4 oz

Maui Wowie, Cherry Sour Diesel

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Delta 8 Diamonds