Premium Hemp Extract for Athletes

Shirtless football player holding football who will use CBD after training

Hemp-derived CBD for athletes is a non-psychoactive game-changer to sidestep pain. Research suggests that CBD shows fantastic potential in helping relieve pain and reduce inflammation — which could be beneficial for athletes performing in their respective sports.

While THC can be used to alleviate pain, it may cause unwanted side effects, cause you to fail a drug test — and could negatively affect overall athletic performance.

With the ever-expanding CBD market, athletes are at the center of product launches inspired to help with training, performance, and recovery. When you consider all the hyped advantages of premium hemp extract — pain relief and less inflammation, better sleep, and faster recovery — higher-strength editions of CBD products are producing big-game assistance for athletes around the globe.

Top Reasons Why Athletes Should Use Hemp-Derived CBD

  1. CBD Lessens Stress

One of the greatest detrimental slowdowns for athletes is stress. So, what is stress? Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from demanding circumstances. Athletic training and performances form stress — if you are an athlete, you know stress can negatively affect your game. CBD can help athletes stabilize triggers for stress, ultimately balancing the fine line between freshness and overtraining.

  1. CBD is an Adaptogen

Adaptogens are plants that help the body survive with the damaging effects of stress and promote normal and even optimal functioning. Sounds ideal for athletes, right? Yes! And even better, CBD has joined this list of stress-lessening, performance-boosting plants. There is a growing body of scientific research on the positive effects of adaptogens, including their ability to strengthen the immune system, protect the brain, reduce inflammation, support sleep cycles, and decrease stress.

  1. CBD Enhances Sleep

Considering that intense workouts and training aren’t an ideal sleep advocate, the benefits of CBD is a tremendous pledge for athletes. CBD may decrease anxiety and pain, which can both interfere with restful sleep. CBD lowers stress hormones like cortisol that could otherwise interfere with normal sleep cycles. CBD provides an overall calming and soothing effect for athletes who need to wind down.

  1. CBD Promotes Muscle Relaxation

Whether its immediate post-workout or days later, a grueling session of athletic training creates havoc on the muscles and tendons. Soreness and cramping can impair everyday normal activities like walking down the stairs or getting in the car. CBD can help alleviate muscle and joint pain. CBD coupled with stretching, icing, and foam rolling is a common treatment plan for physical injuries.

  1. CBD Reduces Anxiety

It’s one of the most exhilarating benefits of CBD — help for chronic anxiety, acute anxiety, and everything in between. Anxiety from the pressure to perform in training and competition can present a huge challenge to competitive athletes. CBD not only decreases anxiety, but it can also enhance sports performance without any mental downsides.

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