Melatonin is America’s Favorite Sleep Aid: CBD is Changing the Game

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If wouldn’t be a shocker if you, yes you, were among the masses of individuals ditching the isolated hormone of melatonin that regulates sleep-wake cycles for the impressive powers of CBD softgels.

For nearly three decades, there has been very little disagreement that melatonin is America’s favorite remedy for sleepless nights. Now the game-changing hemp-derived cannabidiol infused CBD softgels with melatonin are exploding in popularity.

Still on the fence when it comes to making the sleep aid switch from solo melatonin to CBD melatonin? Not sure it’s safe or effective?

Top California based brand, Smilyn Wellness, has pulled the covers back on profoundly intriguing and valuable information to consider. Extensively consumed for nearly 30 years, melatonin is America’s favorite synthetic sleep aid.

Melatonin has not been extensively studied — and with its dietary supplement classification, it is almost entirely unregulated by the FDA.

What You Don’t Know About Melatonin

What most don’t know about melatonin is that when used on its own, it is tremendously overused and should not be used as a solo sleep aid to treat insomnia. Designed to retune the body’s internal clock ― it’s reliable to use the supplement to counter the effects of jet lag, unusual work shifts, or those who suffer from circadian rhythm disorder. Still, it should not be used alone for general insomnia.

We already know what you are thinking. If this information is correct — why would you want CBD infused with melatonin? Here is the answer: The proper dosage, according to a seminal study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is 0.3 milligrams.

Research points out most melatonin pills and supplements on the market today contain ten times the 0.3 suggested amount in a single dose.

No need to grab your calculator. That’s 3 milligrams. This higher dosage can lead to higher plasma melatonin levels the following day, ultimately creating a lingering headache or confused and dazed. Higher doses (2 to 10 mg) used over a prolonged period may lead to rebound insomnia.

With a single Smilyn 25mg softgel, you only consume 1.15 mg of melatonin. And this subtle distinction makes all the difference in the world. Many individuals find that CBD infused sleep aids help them to fall asleep and sleep more deeply. Don’t sleep on the noteworthy CBD reviews distinguishing the difference.

What are CBD Softgels Infused Sleep Aid?

If you are experiencing trouble sleeping, premium hemp soft gels with melatonin provide incredible health benefits and support relaxation and restful, healthy sleep.

Experts reinforce hemp-derived cannabidiol may help with sleep by easing anxiety.

study in The Permanente Journal recorded 72 patients treated with CBD for either anxiety or poor sleep. The results demonstrated anxiety levels declined, even in those whose primary complaint was inadequate sleep.

CBD softgels are a natural way to make significant adjustments to your sleeping habits. The ideal technique for CBD with melatonin is to consume 1 to 2 Smilyn softgels thirty to sixty minutes before its time to turn in. No more struggling to fall asleep or wake up tired. Smilyn takes you from CBD to ZZZ.

Where to Buy CBD Softgels for Sleep?

With countless CBD users reporting a sense of calm and diminished anxiety — sufferers of Parkinson’s disease who have REM behavior disorder or individuals encountering restless nights should take notice.

You can shop for CBD softgels online or find Smiyln products in retail stores across the US.



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