Fitness Icon Clark Bartram Talks Benefits of Adding CBD to Fitness Routines

Fitness Icon Clark Bartram Talks CBD and Fitness

With COVID-19 keeping much of the world in quarantine, it’s no secret that the popularity of at-home fitness programs has skyrocketed.

And with these increased fitness routines comes inflammation, aches and pains, muscle soreness, energy depletion, and even exhaustion. But when you add in CBD — now you’ve completely changed the game.

Top CBD brand, Smilyn Wellness, takes a closer look at the top benefits of implementing premium hemp extract into your fitness routine.

Benefits of Implementing CBD to Fitness Routine

CBD and Heart Health. Do you incorporate cardio into your workout? When you exercise, it puts an increasing strain on the heart. When you consume CBD oil before your workout — the extra lift allows us better circulation. Improved circulation involves less fatigue. Less fatigue helps you achieve longer workouts. And more importantly, promoting more red blood cell production to transport oxygen to your muscles will help maintain cell, circulatory, and heart health.

CBD and Sore Muscles. CBD salve is increasingly popular with many athletes and fitness gurus. The balm can be used for aching, sore muscles. When you take the edge off of your muscles, it allows you to relax and recover faster. During a workout, you may experience tiny muscle tears. This brings a pressing sensation of soreness and tenseness. Healing happens faster when our muscles can relax during that healing.

CBD and Inflammation. If you run, lift weights, cycle, swim, or perform high-intensity fitness training, inflammation is inescapable. Inflammation can slow the recovery time. Consuming CBD before a workout slows inflammation, or you use CBD roll-ons over inflamed muscles after a workout, which will reduce recovery time.

CBD Boosts Energy. Not motivated? Running on empty? Skipped a workout due to fatigue? Consider CBD softgels before bed to help you relax so that you can get to a night of good deep sleep.

Fitness Icon Clark Bartram is Smilyn

Did you know that there are considerable gains to using CBD with your fitness regimen? Who better to tell you than a fitness icon, fitness model, author, American film actor, and personal trainer — Clark Bartram.

Clark Bartram is the host of ‘American Health & Fitness’, which is seen in on Fox SportsNet, FX, Fit TV & The Health Channel. He has sparked excitement in millions of television viewers as the co-host of Kiana’s Flex Appeal on ESPN. Clark has decorated the covers of famed fitness magazines, including ‘Muscle & Fitness’ and ‘Muscle Media’. Clark has also had the distinct honor of playing the iconic super-hero Batman in the cult classic Batman Dead End.

We recently sat down with Clark Bartram to learn more about his fitness journey and how he incorporates CBD into his daily routine. “What’s most important to me when I choose to align myself with a company is ownership, company vision, quality products, and reputation to list a few. Smilyn Wellness and the owner Brett Weiss met all this and more,” stated Clark Bartram.

Smilyn: How did you find your way to Smilyn Wellness?

Clark Bartram: I was introduced to Smilyn Wellness by way of my nephew, who was working with the company at the time. When I heard that Brett wanted to meet with me, I took the meeting because I was looking to connect with a CBD company that I felt comfortable attracting my brand to. After just a few short minutes with Brett, I knew this was the company, and better yet, the guy I want to come alongside.

Smilyn: What are the benefits of CBD and exercise?

Clark Bartram: CBD has many benefits, but in terms of exercise, the most obvious would be inflammation. When we train, we create trauma. Trauma manifests in inflammation of muscles, ligaments, and such, and then the pain is a result. Regardless of how hard someone trains, inflammation is still an effect, so for that reason alone, I think most will benefit from its use.

Smilyn: How have you incorporated Smilyn CBD into your daily routine?

Clark Bartram: I’ve incorporated CBD into my daily use in more ways than most. I use it for focus, anxiety relief, and relaxation. I have also found ways to increase energy. To me, it’s truly a magic formula that has helped me in so many ways. I realize it’s not for everyone, but I think everyone should at least give it a try.

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