Delta 8 – What You Need to Know About Quality Distillate

Male scientist holding pink Delta 8 distillate in his hands

Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as D8, is making waves in the hemp industry.

Many of you have heard of THC and CBD — but are unfamiliar with Delta 8. Delta 8 distillate is a highly potent form of hemp-derived concentrate that is ultra-refined through a distillation process.

Because of the high heat used during distillation, distillate products are fully activated and used to create a variety of ways products.

What to Look for in Quality Delta 8 Distillate

When it comes to identifying Delta 8 distillate, it’s important to pay close attention to BCCP — the brand, color, clarity, and potency.

While many D8 products may look the same appearance-wise, it matters if a high-level of refinement is not achieved — as consumers will be struck with harsh hits that may be comprised of potentially dangerous solvents.


Brand Reliability. It is important to choose a high-quality distillate product from ONLY reputable brands. Trustworthy brands provide documentation that they are using top-tier distillate. Smilyn Wellness D8 products (cartridges, gummies, gel caps) are created with clean, non-bleached distillate that is safe to consume.

Color. What is the color of the distillate? How do you know? It’s important to note the color as this is highly indicative of how refined a product really is. Generally, a rose color or a light, amber yellow is a good color to look for. If the distillate is dark or has a black hue — you should avoid it. Ask the brand for details.

Clarity. Just like diamonds, distillate can be your best friend. Clarity is extremely important. Distillation is a refinement process — any flaws in clarity directly correspond with issues in the extraction and distillation process. Always look for distillate that is free of any cloudiness or discoloring.

Potency. Check the lab report of the D8 product you are purchasing. Most distillates range from 85-99 percent in overall potency so check the cannabinoid content. The lower the potency, the more you may need to feel desired effects. It’s a personal choice on how potent you want your product to be.

Clean and Safe Smilyn D8

NOT EVERY DISTILLATE is created equal. Don’t get caught up on the brands out there who are trying to gain a dollar with lower-quality products or bleached Delta 8 distillate. These impurities can lead to harsh hits, weak flavor, and may impact a consumer’s health.

Choose the safer option with Smilyn Wellness. Shop D8 now!





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