Delta 8 Gummies: Try the Best Flavors for Summer

Delta 8 is the latest cannabinoid making a name for itself across the CBD industry. Closely associated to Delta-9 THC – D8 is anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, an appetite stimulant, mood and memory enhancer, and sleep aid. It not only provides a smooth, upbeat feeling with no paranoia — it’s a total sense of well-being.

Delta 8 gummies are becoming a sizzling summertime craze because of their high-quality, affordability, delectable flavor options, and most importantly — their fantastic effects.

Smilyn Wellness was one of the first brands to enter the delta 8 scene — and is booming with a stellar reputation. Taking the market by storm, Delta 8 gummies are available in many flavors, including birthday cake.

Let’s take a closer look at the top summer flavors that are attract attention.

Top Summertime Flavors — Delta 8 Gummies

Ignite the summer with sweet and chewy bites of irresistible, fire-on-all-cylinder servings of Delta 8.

Birthday Cake:

Birthday cake sounds like the ultimate summertime dessert treat, right? Delta 8 Gummies are no different — and you don’t need to wait for anyone’s birthday to indulge in this popular Delta 8 edible. Birthday Cake is an Indica dominant Hybrid with strong body effects and sweet cake like flavor.

Mango Passion Fruit:

What’s your passion? Combine the hottest fruit in the world with the buzz of Delta 8. Delta 8 Mango Passion Fruit Gummies are tangy and delicious just like an actual passion fruit. And there’s no better time to devour this sweet taste than summertime.


These gummies have a delightfully tart green apple flavor with the fantastic effects of Delta 8 THC you’ve grown to love! And who doesn’t want to try a sweet/tart flavor that resembles the greatest summertime — fresh green apple.

Give these Delta 8 gummies a try today — and you’ll see why these flavored gummies are summertime favorites.



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