Coronavirus Blues: Treat Yourself to Fruity CBD Infused Gummies

Treat yourself to CBD gummies during cornoavirus lockdown

Listen up, what do you hear about everywhere you go (or don’t go) these days? Yes, you are right (although most likely very uncertain of it) — COVID-19 or the coronavirus.

Smilyn Wellness in Carlsbad, California, has the perfect solution to survive the lockdown and beat the blues. So, what’s the strategy? Tropical CBD Fruit Gummies.  

Everyone needs to treat social distancing with all seriousness, but treating yourself to a fruity fix of CBD infused gummies takes one you — ok, maybe two if you count the delivery driver.  

Get a Taste of the Tropics During Epic Quarantine

Are you under orders to shelter in place? Vacation canceled? Self-quarantined? Smilyn Wellness has you covered — CBD fruit gummies bring you a taste of the tropics.

Just in case life comes to a halt for months, there’s no reason we can’t find a reason for celebration. Celebrations include chewing on ridiculously salacious CBD gummies, salivating uncontrollably over exclusive Smilyn fruity fusions, and relaxing under the self-control of our tasty CBD-concoction of mighty tropical treats.

Combining a mixture of flavors — signature grape, zesty orange, and the zippy boldness of lemon, Smilyn CBD gummies are the simplest and most entertaining way to get your blues-halting intake of CBD.

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CBD Fruit Gummies During Coronavirus Lockdown

If we took an online poll, we’re 100 percent sure a few of our biggest Smilyn fanatics were once huge fans of gummy bears. Since this is 100 percent true, we have a feeling CBD edibles are the best method for you.

We have the scoop on how you can promptly mold these candy-like gummies into your wellness regimen — as you await this appalling coronavirus to slow down. 

With all the concern and panic right now, one of the best things about CBD fruit gummies is that there’s no worry about proper dosing — and it can help you maintain a sense of calm for focus, while also relieving stress and anxiety.

For athletes, this stunning middle-of-the-season suspension might have you exercising from home. Smilyn CBD products can help you exercise a little more healthfully. There are several benefits, including its ability to help support a healthy inflammatory response, prevent pre-workout nerves, superior focus on your training, and keep your muscles loose — so you’re less prone to strain them.

And during this alarming shutdown, we can’t forget fido — who’s most likely experiencing stress from a drastic change in routine or maybe overwhelmed by all the extra love and attention now that you are home. Your lovable pet can receive all the fantastic benefits of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil too with our Smilyn doggy kit.

Remember, wash your hands. Be safe. Be kind. Practice social distancing. And stock up now on Smilyn CBD! No worries, there’s plenty of product to go around.



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