Cool Down with a Sensational Summery Delta 8 Cocktail

Smilyn Wellness has done it again — with the launch of thirst-quenching, delta 8 cocktails. It’s time to cool down with a sensational summer cocktail. Let’s shake things up with the best Delta 8 cocktails and a summery twist on the classics. In fact, there’s not many Delta 8 drinks that scream summer party like Smilyn’s new ready-to-drink cocktails.

“With our new product, we are hoping to reach next-level success by combining summer classics and ready-to-drink Delta 8 cocktails. With so much happening in the canned beverage space, we also wanted to give our fans a cocktail bar experience,” stated Brett Weiss, CEO and Co-Founder of Smilyn Wellness.

Weiss further added, “One of the core beliefs of our product innovations is a belief in the power of bringing unique products that resonate with consumers. We’re shaking things up in a big way and sending the message that the Smilyn brand is here to stay. I would highly recommend this to Delta 8 lovers and anyone who enjoys a slow slip cocktail.”

Summer has officially arrived in the form of two new ready-to-drink cocktails. Let’s take a closer look at the brands first-ever canned cocktail line.

Details: 50mg Delta 8 THC per 12 oz. can
Flavors: Fruit Punch, Lemonade
Suggested Use: 1/4 serving when starting.

Smilyn Delta 8 Fruit Punch Cocktail

The Smilyn Delta 8 Fruit Punch Cocktail makes things simple — just pop open and pour over a tall glass of ice. Perfect for getting the party started on a hot day. Fruity and refreshing — get ready for a PUNCH of fruit. This Delta 8 Fruit Punch Cocktail charges the mind with creative and social energy.

Smilyn Delta 8 Lemonade Cocktail

This classic cocktail has a summer-friendly, summer-twist. Smilyn has also added Delta 8 to the famous fresh and light lemonade beverage. Smilyn Delta 8 Lemonade Cocktail has bright color, FRESH flavor, and the perfect balance of tart and sweetness — giving you vacation vibes and smiles all-year round. Go ahead and take a sip and cool down on a summer afternoon with this new tangy Delta 8 lemonade that delivers a punch.

Smiles up! Cheers!



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