CBD Dog Treats: What Pet Owners Need to Know

CBD for dogs: the scoop for pet owners

According to the ASPCA, dog owners shell out more than $1,000 on their pets in the first year alone. The saying goes — a happy dog is a happy dog. Or is it, a tired dog is a happy dog?

Either way, stress, depression, anxiety, and pain can significantly reduce your pet’s overall well-being, their happiness, and notably minimize activity. Reduced activity can result in poor health and create medical conditions that have severe consequences — even shorten a dog’s lifespan.

But when a dog, just like owners, receive a healthy balance of physical and mental stimulation, they will be happy and well-adjusted. Each day, dogs wake up with a precise amount of physical and mental energy that he or she needs to expend to feel satisfied, occupied, and balanced.

With our busy schedules, how can we help our pets release this physical and mental energy?

One of the fastest-growing trends in dietary supplements aimed at keeping our pets healthy is CBD for dogs. Is it just a fad, or can CBD benefit your dog’s health — and save you money at the vet? Like humans, pets can also benefit from a dash of CBD in their diets.

There is nothing worse than seeing your ‘make everything better’, furry companion suffering from anxiety, arthritis, or any other medical condition. It stops you in your tracks to know your dog could be suffering. Most likely you put everything else aside to ensure your dog’s physical and mental well-being. You take them to the vet, you give them medicine, and now — the Carlsbad, California brand Smilyn Wellness, is giving you one more option to consider — CBD pain relief treats for dogs and Smilyn Pet Tincture.

CBD Pain Relief for Dogs

Specially formulated with your dog in mind to improve and maintain their quality of life, Smilyn Premium Hemp Extract dog treats are tasty, easy to digest, and fast-absorbing. Benefits? Premium Hemp Extract dog chews may help minimize anxiety, arthritis pain, and inflammation. Our veterinarian-formulated treats contain the same proprietary formulas used in human products, providing superior results in a chew your dog will love.

Finding the right dose of CBD can be tricky for pets since they come in various shapes and sizes. The rule is 0.5 milligrams of CBD for every kilogram of body weight. The right dose can be challenging, however, because animals are measured in pounds, and delivery systems are measured in milliliters or come in the form of treats. To be accurate, check how many milligrams are in the dose on the package, then covert your dog’s weight to kilograms.

CBD for Dogs: What’s the Challenge

While a growing number of pet owners may be curious about CBD, vets are currently restricted in how they can approach treatment. The American Veterinary Medical Association advises, ‘under current federal and state law; veterinarians may not administer, dispense, prescribe, or recommend cannabis or its products for animals.’

Only California has passed legislation that specifically authorizes veterinarians to discuss the therapeutic use of cannabis-derived supplements for animals. It’s a tight spot for pet owners and vets to be in considering CBD is the most significant health supplement trend for both humans and dogs right now. This is due in large part to the fact that the Endocannabinoid System is active in regulating many biological processes, including pain, inflammation, digestion, skin health, sleep cycles, and appetite.

So, is CBD a prominent canine cure? We think so. The pet industry is poised to be one of CBD’s substantial areas of growth. The Veterinary Information Network polled over 1,800 vets on how often pet owners inquired about CBD — with 29% reporting they were asked about the topic every week.

If you have already started adding CBD to your dog’s diet, keep in mind that changes may be subtle. Since dogs can’t communicate nuance like humans, it’s important to document your dog’s wellness over the course of several weeks. And even if you ‘t live in a state where your vet cannot answer direct questions about CBD, keep pushing for progress and research to be done. This will help uncover more information about CBD and how it works in animals, including the significant benefits. It’s a future of promise for Fido.



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