Elderberry for immune support

In our new normal (whatever that is), health is on everyone’s minds. Fear is rising. Stress and anxiety mounting. Coronavirus cases are soaring. And there seems to be little we can do to fight this pandemic besides washing our hands regularly — and self-isolation. So, why not take this time to focus on your immune system. The

Hemp Seeds for Pregnant and Nursing Women

Maybe you’re preparing for your baby’s arrival, or perhaps your charming little one is already here; meanwhile, you are continuously noticing the trends of CBD. Perchance you’re even searching the internet for CBD, only to find conflicting and confusing advice — when it comes to pregnant and nursing women. Until you discovered California brand Smilyn Wellness,

Parents with kids after being pampered with Smilyn CBD

If there is one thing California CBD brand, Smilyn Wellness understands very well — CBD is more than just dosing, it’s a lifestyle. Being a parent in an increasingly overstimulated world can be challenging. Maintaining a calm-mom, cool-dad lifestyle is similarly challenging. Yet, you see parents everywhere who seem to breeze through it all, unflappable. Yes, you’ve

Surfer after riding waves going to get CBD to recover

What do CBD, front-side pit, pig dogging a barrel, and duck dive all have in common? Highly imaginative, we know. These are all terms California’s coolest west coast surfers use. With Southern California surfers dominating the waves 2-6 times a week, CBD helps surfers repair and recover. Above all, the potential health benefits are like

Athlete needs cbd salve for sports injury

Pain relief for inflammation has created a swelling demand for CBD salve. Just like CBD, inflammation is trending in the media. The good news is this trend keeps us informed. When we stay educated on inflammation, it’s easy to choose the best options for beneficial recuperation. Beyond the power to fight infection and heal injuries, inflammation

CBD add on maintenance to inhaler for pretty woman during summer

For individuals living with asthma, taking a deep breath can be challenging. Southern California CBD brand, Smilyn Wellness, has air-opening testimony that CBD gummies act as a nebulizer, a muscle-spasm reliever, and an anti-inflammatory agent. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory respiratory disorder. It disrupts the airways of over 300 million individuals worldwide. According to the Centers for

Treat yourself to CBD gummies during cornoavirus lockdown

Listen up, what do you hear about everywhere you go (or don’t go) these days? Yes, you are right (although most likely very uncertain of it) — COVID-19 or the coronavirus. Smilyn Wellness in Carlsbad, California, has the perfect solution to survive the lockdown and beat the blues. So, what’s the strategy? Tropical CBD Fruit

Main in bed waiting for delivery of CBD sleep aid

If wouldn’t be a shocker if you, yes you, were among the masses of individuals ditching the isolated hormone of melatonin that regulates sleep-wake cycles for the impressive powers of CBD softgels. For nearly three decades, there has been very little disagreement that melatonin is America’s favorite remedy for sleepless nights. Now the game-changing hemp-derived cannabidiol infused

CBD face masks giving these 2 women a reason to smile

CBD is the most bragged-about component in high-end makeup and hair products. With escalating craze, CBD face masks have become the skincare industry’s antioxidant therapeutic swag. The topical application of CBD face masks is a convenient solution for individuals who only want to target the skin on the face. As a natural, alternative skincare solution, Smilyn Wellness in Carlsbad, California,

CBD rainbow gummies for Smilyn

What’s the latest buzz with CBD gummies? Part of the growing phenomenon, CBD extract is particularly attractive as it provides therapeutic properties without the high. CBD isn’t psychoactive. You don’t get high from taking cannabis-based products rich in CBD. It doesn’t have the equivalent mind-altering effects as marijuana, as it does not contain THC —