<a href=”https://smilynwellness.com/wp-content/uploads/Smilyn-Brand-Ambassador-Products.jpg”><img class=”alignleft wp-image-16361 size-medium” src=”https://smilynwellness.com/wp-content/uploads/Smilyn-Brand-Ambassador-Products-300×198.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”198″ /></a>Smilyn Wellness in Carlsbad, California has many different facets: an <a href=”https://smilynwellness.com/shop/”>online platform for Hemp-derived CBD wellness products</a>, CBD inspired events, <a href=”https://smilynwellness.com/private-label-cbd/”>private label CBD manufacturer</a>, and research-backed educational digital guides, and the exciting presentations of Smilyn News and <a href=”https://smilynwellness.com/smilyn-blog/”>Smilyn Blog</a> — to name a few.

Probe into the lives of powerful personalities who share in our extraordinary and inspiring Smilyn brand and we add yet another facet, Smilyn CBD Brand Ambassadors.

Are you a professional athlete, stay-at-home dad, or someone who has a loyal social media following? We are looking for Brand Ambassadors to help Smilyn Wellness improve the world’s quality of life.
<h2>The Core Traits of a Smilyn Brand Ambassador</h2>
Interested in becoming a brand ambassador for <a href=”https://smilynwellness.com/about/”>California’s top CBD brand</a>? Let’s determine what personifies a Smilyn brand ambassador. How do they act? What experience should they have?
<li>Experience of (and Appreciation for) Marketing</li>
<li>A Proven Online Presence</li>
<li>A High Level of Professionalism</li>
<li>Natural Leadership Abilities</li>
<li>A Thirst for Building and Growing Relationships</li>
<li>The Ability to Assemble Feedback and Deliver Innovative Insight</li>
<h2>So Many Reasons to be a Smilyn Brand Ambassador</h2>
Interested in sharing your personal story and the benefits of CBD with friends, family, and followers.
<li>Receive a<strong> 20% DISCOUNT</strong> on all One Smilyn CBD Products</li>
<li>Receive <strong>10% COMMISSION</strong> on every product sold using your unique code</li>
<li>Receive a <strong>SAMPLE PACKAGE</strong> of Products and a <strong>SMILYN T-SHIRT</strong></li>