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Meet the innovative, driven and creative individuals who provide the power behind the Smilyn Wellness brand.

Brett Weiss — Co-Founder and CEO

“We focus on accessibility and wellness in equal measure,” states Brett Weiss, CEO of Cabo Ella Group. “There’s something to be said for healing within reach. I’m open to the healing power of CBD. And I can confidently say, the difference between us and the glut of profit-driven CBD brands is we believe in the ingredient,” says Brett Weiss, CEO of Cabo Ella Group.

Self-motivated lifetime entrepreneur (yes even at age 10), Brett Weiss has a proven track record for being ahead of the curve and recognizing trends before they happen. Using his supernatural abilities, proven sales experience, and commitment to the hustle, Brett has launched several successful business ventures — taking them from inception to mainstream. His ‘Weiss’ inspired line of CBD products started from a crazy, cannabis tale and is now a Smilyn sensation.

Brett earned his entrepreneur credentials early. At the ripe old age of 10, he was selling donuts to elementary school classmates in Phoenix, Arizona, and later sharpened his customer service skills at the family business, Weiss Guys Car Wash.

It was here — working among longtime employees and generations of relatives — where Brett laid down his foundational skills as a businessman and avid marketer. With an uncanny ability to spot trends, Weiss has flourished in the marketing and tech arena as well as the restaurant and lifestyle space. At Zingle, he was on the ground floor of text-message marketing, and three years ago, he began exploring the CBD space as one of its early adopters.

The University of Arizona alum is now the CEO of Cabo Ella Group. A passionate music lover and outdoorsman, he lives in North County, San Diego.

Heather Iantorno — COO

“Wellness is at the heart of every community conversation,” says COO Heather Iantorno. “Our customer is looking for ways to improve their wellness approach—whether that’s a natural recovery balm or replacing three different beauty creams with one.”

Proven sales executive, operator, and leader with a track record of launching various brands in the U.S. market, including Hoka Running Shoes and Adidas Outdoor. With tremendous commitment and bold ideas, Heather is a prodigy at managing active lifestyle brands.

It’s no surprise Heather trailblazed a career unmistakably outside the office walls —considering she splits her time between the mountains, the ocean, and adventures around the globe. For Cabo Ella Group, she is not only COO but the ultimate brand ambassador for the wellness company’s budding portfolio.

The seasoned sales and marketing executive launched her career at PowerBar and IMG in the tennis and action sports space. Later, Heather earned a decade of wins at The Hartford Sales Group, orchestrating launches and relaunches of major sports brands including Adidas Outdoor and Hoka One One. For Hoka One One, she helped a then little sneaker company outperform with sales peeking from $250k to $3 million.

The University of Arizona alum lives in Encinitas, California, the hotbed of surfing, yoga — and home to a vibrant wellness community. Here, the lifelong adventurer and hardcore music lover can be found at the beach with her husband, two sons, and dogs.

Ron Goodson — Board Member / Investor

Ron Goodson is a proven leader, operator, and driver of results. Ron possesses 40+ years of experience as a senior executive with PepsiCo and presently President & COO of Verano Holdings.

Wherever you go, we’re Smilyn with you.

The Flavor Behind California’s Top CBD Brand

It’s our juicy flavors. By nature, CBD has an earthy aftertaste that can be overpowering. Some CBD brands try to cover it up by adding phony flavors to tinctures. Us? We create a harmony of superior flavor profiles guided by mother nature.

Here’s a taste of our tried-and-tested portfolio providing health and wellness:

GRAPE. With its punchy juicy quality, our grape flavor is a best seller for a good reason. With its lush almost candied flavor, our tinctures celebrate the real thing, not an artificial version found in soda. A cold, bold grape on a hot day? It’s right here.

MINT. The taste of fresh mint wakes us up in the morning and soothes after dinner. We use all-natural mint leaves for a mellow minty cool factor that’s uplifting, refreshing and not overpowering like menthol. Minty deliciousness? We nailed it.

LEMON. Have you ever tasted a lemon-fresh from a citrus grove? In Southern California, where Smilyn is made, the answer is a resounding yes. We take all that just-picked juiciness to create a flavor that pops and zings.

ORANGE. If you thought our lemon was invigorating, our orange takes juicy to another level. Bursting with bright citrus, there’s a reason our orange tincture is everyone’s main squeeze. With a radiant zest for life, our orange flavor has a bold sweet-tart flavor.

BLUEBERRY. Popping with jammy fruit, the sweet & tangy tincture has everything we love about the blueberry. There’s the silky sweet flavor combined with the refreshing tartness of summer.

CINNAMON. The warm spice of cinnamon heats our flavor portfolio with a remarkably assertive flavor that lingers softly and pleasantly juicy like Big Red. Take comfort in our all-natural cinnamon tincture, featuring cozy flavors of oven-warm baked goods.