5 Benefits of CBD for Your Fuzzy and Furry Pet

Is your dog suffering from anxiety, pain, or discomfort? Pet care is something pet owners take very seriously. In fact, it is not something to jump into lightly. There are myriad challenges to keep your fuzzy and furry pets healthy and in great shape. Fortunately, you’re not alone.

CBD pet health products are available in tinctures and dog treats. Hemp-derived CBD for pets helps with pain and suffering from joint pain or arthritis, anxiety, among other benefits. Smilyn hemp is farmed, grown, extracted — and lab-tested in California to ensure consistent, premium quality.

With CBD giving our all-star Fidos a future of promise — you can pawsitively believe in the power of Smilyn. Enhance your pet’s immunity and heart health, treat inflammation and pain, relieve anxiety and separation stress, and most importantly promote longevity. Let’s check out the benefits of CBD for dogs. Here are five reasons to try it.

5 Benefits of CBD for Dogs

  1. To Assist with Anxiety

It’s common for dogs to experience nervousness and stress. Studies show that CBD relieves symptoms of anxiety in both humans and dogs by interacting with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system to stimulate the production of serotonin, which stabilizes your dog’s mood and relieves their anxiety.

  1. To Ease Arthritis and Joint Pain

Just like humans, dogs can develop chronic joint inflammation and/or deterioration, which leads to pain. In fact, about 20 percent of dogs cope with arthritis in the US. CBD dog treats for joint pain, can help ease the discomfort, stiffness, and mobility problems related to arthritis and other joint inflammation disorders.

  1. To Lessen Allergies

Like humans, dogs can develop allergic reactions to things in their environments like foods, plants, danders, medications, insects, or even grass. CBD not only helps ease pain or irritation caused by the allergy — it also boosts your dog’s immune system, which reduces the allergy symptoms caused by your dog’s body trying to defend itself from the outside world.

  1. Help Slow Cancer Growth

The diagnosis of cancer is devastating for both human and pet. However, CBD can inhibit the growth of cancer cells and improve the immune system. For dogs already fighting cancer and receiving treatment, CBD can relieve some of the symptoms that follow cancer treatments.

  1. Increase Desire to Eat

Nausea plagues pets now and then, whether it’s due to medication, bad food, or being sick. CBD oil for dogs with nausea can increase a dog’s appetite and help a healthy appetite reappear.

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